With regional offices throughout the state, we bring mental health services to your corner of the world.

Who can benefit from behavioral health rehabilitation?

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation is a program created to serve qualified children and adults suffering from serious mental illness, emotional and/or behavioral disturbances.

The program’s mission is achieved through local providers such as Mississippi Behavioral Health Services’s network of regional offices located throughout the state.

Our strength based and family-oriented approach is designed to incorporate the consumer’s natural environments through the provision of services to children and adults experiencing a wide range of problems.


How are services obtained?

Mississippi Behavioral Health Services accepts inquiries and referrals from physicians, hospitals, schools, community mental health agencies, community stakeholders, families, friends and individuals. All inquiries are confidential. You may contact any of our offices 24 hours a day.

Therapeutic Services

We provides a unique set of services tailored toward the unique strengths, values and preferences of the families we serve. Services are intended to improve functional skills while promoting a higher quality of independent living.

Our Services Include:

» Out Patient Therapy

» Community Support Services

» Psychiatric/Physician Services

» Crisis Services

» Psychosocial Rehabilitation

» Peer Support Services

» Case Management

» Referral Services

» Day Treatment

» Evaluation Screening

Program Philosophy and Goals

Mississippi Behavioral Health Services is dedicated to providing the highest quality in behavioral rehabilitation services. Our Philosophy of care is centered on the principle that rehabilitation services should be consumer driven, family oriented and constructed within the context of the consumers’ natural environment. It is our belief that all persons have rehabilitative potential and that it is our professional duty to identify strengths on which to build in order to address each individual family need.

Our goals include providing consumers the opportunity to obtain the skills, support and empowerment that are necessary to improve the ability to function at an optimal level in their community.


365 West Reed Rd, Suite A1
Greenville, MS 38701

Mississippi Behavioral Health Services Professional Staff

Our dedication to the consumer has lead to the belief that behavioral health services are most effective when provided by a totally professional staff. Our team consists of qualified professionals with formal education and experience in the behavioral health field.

Our Professional Staff Includes:

» Licensed Child Psychiatrist

» Licensed Clinical Social Workers

» Licensed Professional Counselors

» Mental Health Specialists

» Mental Health Professionals